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Expert Style Programmes

Colour Analysis Programme

Barbara Cosgrave

Learn what shades suit your skin tone and hair colouring and which colours are best for the business you are in. We’ll talk about your working life, the people you need to influence and the psychology of colour. You’ll meet my “Smart Swatch” – a wide range of colours that we will go through, one-by-one, to create a portfolio of colours that work for you.

After this session you will receive a Colour Rating Chart and a personal Colour Report explaining how to use and co-ordinate your colours, when to use them in different situations and an explanation of how to use them in your business to influence good results.

You will receive a Colour Wallet containing fabric colour swatches to carry around with you everywhere – making shopping a breeze!

Signature Style Programme

Row of clothes on hangers

Your Signature Style is all about clothes that suit your body shape, business needs and your personality. This is a transformative programme where you will leave feeling positive and energised about the way you can use clothes to look great every day.

  • Understand your body shape and the structure of your skeleton
  • Find out your proportions and how they influence styles you wear
  • Discover how clothes can make a positive impact on the people you meet
  • Learn how to shop to your budget and how to create a wardrobe that works

After this session you will receive a personal plan that details the clothes, accessories and details that will help set you apart.

VIP Day Programme

Fashion shoes

A rewarding day where we will look at both the colour analysis and the signature style programmes, this is perfect for busy business women who like to get things done. Focused and intensive, but with plenty of time for in-depth advice and a bit of fun over lunch, you’ll come away with a completely different attitude to your business style – and the confidence to start making changes straight away.

All your new colour and style guidelines will be put into a personal report so that you can refer to it at any time.

The Premier Programme


Just want to go for it? Combine the VIP Day with a shopping trip, so that you can transform your wardrobe straight with a few days.

We’ll cover all the colour and style programmes and then I will head off to the shops to identify clothes that match your colour profile, your style guide and your budget.

Then I’ll whisk you off to the shops to try and buy – easy, productive, time saving and instantly successful.

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