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Professional makeup

Look Good, Feel Great

Whether you like it or not, for women, skincare and makeup forms part of your grooming routine and lack of attention in this area can ruin your chances in business. It sends the message that you don’t pay attention to detail and who wants to do business with somebody like that? It is vital that you look well groomed, healthy and professional, and in today’s competitive world you cannot ignore this.

Expert Skin Care

The fast way to younger skin – Whatever your age!

Your skin is precious and looking after it is important. The products I use are specially selected for their cutting-edge properties to make a positive difference to your skin – and I test all the products I use for a full three months to ensure I am happy to recommend them to you.

As a skincare expert, I can identify specific skin issues, advise on products to help correct skin problems and work with you in the long term to ensure that you are always looking your best, with healthy, glowing skin that looks and feels fabulous.

Prevent, Protect, Correct and Restore

Cosmeceutical products are based on scientific research and are clinically tested. This makes them a step up from mainstream skincare products that you buy off the shelf in stores.

The great thing about these products is that they work for everyone.

  • Preventing the signs of premature skin ageing
  • Potecting healthy skin from UV rays
  • Correcting the visible signs of ageing
  • Restoring your youthful, radiant complexion

Combining professional facial treatments with a home care programme ensures the very best results.

Prices – I offer a full range of facial treatments to correct and prevent skin issues starting from £48

Skincare products for home use from £25

Susan Posnik Mineral Make-up

Make-up that’s good for your skin!


Having been a successful celebrity make-up artist for twenty years, a brush with skin cancer woke Susan Posnik up to the need for a new type of make-up.

Her pure mineral make-up range allows the skin to breathe, so it is the healthiest, most natural make-up one can apply. This make-up contains no fillers or powders so it won’t settle into the fine lines or wrinkles. It includes maximum sun protection and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

The range includes foundation in a brush for easy application on the go, lipsticks with magnetic tops so they never get lost in your bag, eye shadow and eye liner duos in a creamy pencil formula and blusher in a mirrored sponge topped container that couldn’t be easier to apply.

This make up lasts and lasts and looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when you applied it early in the morning!

A professional make up lesson will enable you to do your make-up in 10 minutes! See how easy it can be to transform from a bare face to a daytime look and on to a more glamorous look for evening , even when you don’t have much time.


Sarah came to me for a make-up lesson, however Sarah has very sensitive skin and a mild case of rosacea.

Make-up lesson by Barbara Cosgrave
Make-up lesson with Barbara Cosgrave

The first picture is Sarah without make-up at all, thank you Sarah for being so brave! Using the Susan Posnik Mineral Make-Up range, which is gentle and healing enough to use on her skin and gives good coverage, I first primed and calmed the redness, in preparation for the full make up.

Make-up lesson with Barbara Cosgrave
Make-up lesson with Barbara Cosgrave

I used Foundation M5 and Susan Posnik ColorCorrect C1 to highlight, correct and contour and then applied Susan Posnik Moonstone Eyeshadow, Revitalash Volumizing Mascara, Lily ColorMe Blusher, Marrakesh ColorEssential lipstick for a quick daytime look.


Then, adding to the colours used in daytime look, I added emphasis with Jet as eyeliner and contour, a touch of Gold eyeshadow in the centre of the eye for brightness and moonstone at inner corner to widen the eye. I then warmed up the lip with a dab of Dallas ColorEssential lipstick in the centre of upper and lower lip, on top of the Marrakesh which also adds fullness to the lips. Cheekbones and under eyebrow where highlighted with ColorFlo Shimmer and I finished with an extra coating of mascara. This gave Sarah a glamorous evening look and the final picture is the finished portrait, I think she looks fantastic!

Prices – Susan Posnik Make-Up Lesson from £40

Susan Posnik products from £18.50

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