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Barbara Cosgrave

Develop Your Personal Brand

You ARE your brand! Are you making the best possible impact? Have you got the “I-Factor”? “I” as in IMPACT

In today’s business world you have to have a strong personal brand or get lost amongst the crowd. Your brand, as a business owner or employee, sends a clear message to potential clients, employers and colleagues about your values, your business ethics, your professionalism, attention to detail and attitude to work and success.

You have seconds to make a positive impact.

The way you look, the way you behave and your body language when you walk into a meeting, will influence how others perceive you and can, ultimately, influence how successful you are in business.

Your Impact needs to be strong and memorable, in the forefront of the minds of clients and employers as the person to get the job done.

JewelleryGlobal companies regularly update their established products and brands with new packaging, to stay fresh and modern. In a similar way you need to ensure you update and reinvent yourself. Change your packaging!

Your working wardrobe, grooming, accessories, business etiquette, presentation skills, business cards, website and social media are your personal brand. You must be your own best advert.

Developing your personal brand means developing your style. This sets you apart from others in the same business, interview or meeting.

Cultivate your business image, how you dress, your grooming, how you present yourself, your body language, your business etiquette and manners. It is important to align your image with who you are and who you want to be. Dress for the career you want and make sure your image matches your potential.

How do you define style?

It is the whole package of how you dress, talk, behave, body language and etiquette that create that great first impression.

Be aware of how you present yourself always, be it personal or professional. You never know who you will meet who may influence your future.

Good News – it’s easier than you think!

With just a simple questionnaire I will have the answers I need to research, plan and help you create your perfect signature style and personal branding. A brand that will bring you confidence, get you noticed and lead to success.

This method is unique to my business, Designs For Success – The Business Style Expert, and I will give you the benefit of my extensive experience in this area.

Your Work | Your Life | Your Brand

Prices start from £95

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