I know such inspirational ladies in my networking world I thought it would be wonderful to interview them and see what a day in their life is like, and what drives them on. The first is Laura Passey who is a truly wonderful, stylish and creative interior designer.

Laura Passey

Laura’s life


My current favourite is oat bran porridge with rhubarb yoghurt

First Thing I Do In The Morning

Look at my iphone to reconnect with the world and see what the latest crazy piece of news is!

Style Crush

Kelly Wearstler / Amal Clooney

Work Goals 2017

Launch a new website; have happy, inspired clients; grow my network

Happy Goals 2017 – just things you want to do for yourself, something you’ve been putting off maybe

Take rejuvenating breaks in the sunshine. Treat myself to some J Brand charcoal leather pants!

Guilty Pleasure!

Coronation Street

How I Chill

In the sauna at my gym; a glass of wine with my friends; playing the cello and attending classical concerts.

Tidy Wardrobe?

Yes, after having given it an overhaul following my work with Barbara!

tidy wardrobe after de-cluttering

Secret To Business Success

Be utterly passionate about your product / service and what it can do for your clients. Know your goals and keep taking little steps towards them. Be a force for good. Build lifelong healthy relationships. Keep improving yourself, your skills and knowledge. Share with others.

And Life

Accept that life is not fair and welcome life’s difficulties as opportunities to learn and grow. Know your boundaries too. Know that the world is abundant and that gratitude for what you have is the path to feeling good and attracting more. Live for now, show yourself love and respect, let others be, and only hold on very lightly to desired outcomes.

What Laura said about Barbara…

“I thoroughly recommend Barbara’s services to all professionals wanting to clarify their style and create a roadmap to achieve it. As an interior designer, at the point when I started my own business, I felt that I needed to evolve and polish my personal appearance. I knew how important it was that clients took away the right message about me and my abilities as a creative professional. I was very excited to be introduced to Barbara, who is so professional and experienced but also relaxed and friendly.
Thank you for bringing out the best in my professional appearance”


To get in touch with Laura…

t 020 8947 5582
m 07496 799818
e laura@laurapassey.com
w laurapassey.com
a 3/166 Worple Road, Wimbledon, London SW20 8PR