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Barbara Cosgrave


My name is Barbara Cosgrave and I thrive on inspiring women to feel confident, look great and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

I grew up immersed in the world of theatre and by watching and learning, developed a knack for absorbing the details of style, colour, attitude and presence that all go to make up a self-assured woman.

Since then I have travelled around the world, learning from other cultures and understanding the psychology of colour, style and the way we present ourselves.

When I returned to the UK I wanted to bring more than personal stylist or image consultant techniques to women in business, I wanted to show how attention to detail, in all areas of your life and work, goes a long way – and can bring you the business and personal success you’ve always wanted.

I have developed a unique programme, that focuses on your career and business goals, which will deliver a working wardrobe that will get you the results you want and never fail to impress the right people – always.

Whether you are a individual business person, or part of a corporate team, my programmes will help you fast track your career, boost earnings and speed up promotion – with the right business image.

I have worked for global organisations including Johnson & Johnson, David Lloyd Leisure and Centrica as well as transforming the lives and careers of individual business women – and men!

Barbara CosgraveMy mantra is: Be Powerful, Memorable and Successful

Be powerful in your choices in life and work. Know your strengths, be true to your values and only work and live accordingly

Be memorable – in a good way – for your manners, business etiquette, professionalism, visual image, personal style and branding

Be successful – by combining all the above qualities to become your own best advert in your career and personal life. A person sought after for their business skills, integrity and style – the top of everyone’s list always

This is my aim for all the clients who come to me to transform their personal image and brand

Style it | Work it | Live it

Would you like to see if you can fast track your career? We can start with a FREE no obligation, 30 minute telephone consultation to see what will work for you. Give me a call to book yours today! 
07798 673 991

Meet My Dream Team

I don’t always work alone as sometimes my clients have need of additional services and skills, particularly if they are developing their online image. I have trusted associates that I can call on to come and work with them if they need photographers, videographers etc. I call them my Dream Team and in fact quite a few of them helped me to rebrand and develop this website.

Vicky Patterson Videographer
Lesley Jennings Brand Designer
Lesley Jennings
Brand Designer
Jennings Design
Lyn French Social Media Consultant
Lyn French
Social Media Consultant
Kerry Harrison Photographer
Kerry Harrison
Kerry J Photography
Becky Young Photographer
Becky Young
Becky Young
Hazel McLellan Social Media Consultant
Hazel McLellan
Social Media Consultant
Gill Perkins Copywriter
Gill Perkins
Creative Copywriting
Nicci Bonfanti Business Coach
Nicci Bonfanti
Business Coach
Manage 2 Improve
Martin Young Website Developer
Martin Young
Web Designer
Consciousness Designs